Antara Otonomi dan Ketergantungan: Kajian Kesejahteraan Petani dalam Pendekatan Chayanovian

Tahun: 2020

Penulis: Ciptaningrat Larastiti, Tirza Pandelaki, dan Renal Rinoza

Daerah Penelitian: –

Kata Kunci: Studi Agraria, Kebijakan Agraria, Reforma Agraria, Petani


The paper aims to elaborate on the balance between autonomy and dependency as well known in the Chayanovian tradition. The tradition uses the farming family-based analysis which intensively sees the balance between the productive labors and consumers and the balance between drudgery and utilities. The analysis has been continuously scaled up since the peasant’s livelihood is empirically and historically influenced by the capitalist system of production either in the access of land, agricultural inputs of production, and labor regimes that can support or less support peasant’s families.

The support of internal and external resources can be actualized through how peasants fulfil input production consisting of workers, fertilizers, seeds, etc from the internal resource or being bought externally. So, the term autonomy can be measured through the question of to what extent families inherently dependent on the market mechanism. The paper is the preliminary study about the peasant’s livelihood and its challenges within the
expansion of commodification and market mechanisms. It combines the analysis of quantitative data gathered from the government census and the desk study from the former studies about peasantries in Indonesia.

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