Capital Expansion in Infrastructure Project Track: North Coast West Java

Infrastructure projects in West Java are manifestation of the state and market’s desire to expand new industrial zones. The old industrial zones around Bekasi, Jakarta and Karawang (west side of West Java) are now considered as too dense areas and it demands much higher  production  costs. Therefore, Subang, Majalengka, Cirebon, and Kuningan is becoming  a  new strategic  area  for  the new industrial zones. In this case, it requires good infrastructure to escalate connectivity between regional and international zones: toll road, port, airport,  and  electric  power  plan.  Meanwhile,  the state on national or regional level; especially West  Java  province,  have  the  main  role  for materializing and accelerating this  new  industrial zone  project;  such as  regulatory  preparation, also as an executor this infrastructure project. In West Java, Patimban Port, Kertajati Airport, and Cirebon Electic Power Plan (I,II,III), are ones of manifesto to expand the new Industrial Zones.

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