The Impact of Religious and Customary Laws and Practices on Women’s Inheritance Rights in Indonesia


Penulis: Devi Anggraini

This study explain of inheritance mechanism practices in muslim majority in indigenous peoples communities such as Batu Songgan, Riau Province using matrilineal kinship and Cirompang, West Java Province using patrilineal kinship system. At one social space (Batu Songgan and Cirompang) are customary law, Islamic law and state law that mutually affect inheritance mechanism practiced. Studies undertaken has listed crucial things in inheritance process, namely: (a) material: in the form of inheritor and wealth, (b) authority: including inheritance power relations (Heirs), and (c) property: concept of belonging in two communities. Comparative study conducted in two communities indicate preferences of indigenous community inheritance practices using cultural rather than using Islamic law or state law. Rights on family wealth in form of land, houses and other assets are fully daughters authorized (inheritor) in matrilineal culture in Batu Songgan.

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